Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services

GrowProMedia offers best PPC services. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns are very popular with online marketers because they deliver excellent results if used in the correct manner. GrowProMedia can help you get the most out of your advertising budget by driving targeted traffic to your website. We help you make the most out of the flexibility and targeting ability of PPC to ensure that your paid message is seen by the people most likely to be your customers.

Is Your Ad Money Being Spent Wisely?

Are you certain that your advertisements are being seen by your target market? PPC ads help you answer this question since you only have to pay for your ads every time a person clicks on them. People who are not interested in your product are unlikely to click on your advertisement. We are experts in PPC advertising and have a lot of experience in this field through placing advertisements on behalf of our customers. Our considerable experience in handling PPC advertising campaigns ensures that we work out the best campaign for you based upon the specifics of your business and a deep understanding of buyer behavior. You can use this type of advertising campaign to

  • Increase awareness about your product, and
  • Convert prospects to clients

Cost Effective

Since you only have to pay for people who click on your ad to visit your site, you only pay for people who are genuine prospects. Also, this type of advertising has a very high conversion rate and you are therefore very likely to earn money by using it. We help you bid for the advertisements at the best possible price. Find out how GrowProMedia can promote your business.

Our SEM / PPC PackagesPrice
SEM / PPC SilverMinimum of $ 150
SEM / PPC GoldMinimum of $ 300
SEM / PPC PlatinumMinimum of $ 500

Many Types Of SEM / PPC Advertisements

There is no single type of advertising since the type used generally depends on your product, target audience and budget. The appearance of an advertisement has a big role to play in its ability to get results.

  • Search advertising is generally used when you have a niche target market that makes use of specific keywords or phrases to locate a product or service.
    These advertisements tend to be static and they also contain text instead of images. They also tend to contain links. We also create Product Listing Ads when there is need to provide a lot of product information such as price and image.
  • Display advertising contains images and animation.
    It is used when you have a wider demographic as your target market and it is therefore designed to grab the web user’s attention.
  • Remarketing is a popular technique whereby you can target people who have visited your site but exited without buying anything.
    We will capture their information so that we can target them with advertisements whenever they use a search engine or browse other sites. The concept behind this type of advertising is that a person might still have interest in your product or service if he has visited your site earlier.
  • Mobile advertising is extremely effective when used for local searches.

Continuous Testing

GrowProMedia will release an PPC advertising campaign only after studying your business very carefully. All of our PPC campaigns involve a great deal of testing so that we can arrive at the best bidding strategy and the right keywords to be used. We also conduct competitor testing in order to study the advertising strategies of successful companies. We leave nothing to chance and modify campaigns very frequently in order to give you the best results.

High Quality Traffic Guaranteed

GrowProMedia believe in using white hat techniques at all times for all SEM / PPC campaign. Consequently, we do not use spamming or bot traffic as techniques. This ensures that you get high quality traffic with a remarkably good conversion rate. You can also avoid being flagged by search engines for using dishonest techniques to promote your website.