Websites face the public domain. Your site could be vulnerable to an attack right now.

GrowProMedia provides complete protection for your website. We protect your websites, web applications and web servers against the increasing website hacking threats. We approach website security with a defense in depth strategy, starting from early detection, immediate malware removal and proactive preventive measures.

Before we get started, it’s important to keep in mind that security is never a set-it-and-forge-it solution. Instead, we encourage you to think of it as a continuous process that requires constant assessment to reduce the overall risk.

Website security is important because a secure website is vital to businesses’s online presence. If a website is hacked, it loses up to 98% of its traffic. Client data breach can result in lawsuits, heavy fines, and ruined reputation.

There are various goals when hacking websites, but the main ones are:

  • Exploiting site visitors.
  • Stealing information stored on the server.
  • Tricking bots and crawlers (black-hat SEO).
  • Abusing server resources.
  • Pure hooliganism (defacement).

How We Secure Your Websites

Update Everything

We update website as soon as plugin or CMS updates as they contain security enhancements or patch a vulnerability.

Set Strong Passwords

We will set strong passwords to protect from breached passwords lists, dictionary & brute-force attacks.

1 Site 1 Container

Strict NO to "Unlimited web hosting" as many sites in the same location creates a very large attack surface.

User Permissions

We set minimal set of privileges and permissions required to access and perform an action on the hosting server.

NO to Default Settings

We change default settings of installed CMS applications and harden file permissions.

Extension Selection

Only plugins, extensions, and themes free from infections and malware, be downloaded from legitimate sources.

Website Backups

We help you keep multiple off-site backups for redundancy and for protection from hackers and hardware failures.

Server Configuration

Prevent directory browsing, image hotlinking and protect CMS configuration sensitive files from malicious users.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates encrypt data in transit & ensures it is not intercepted and add an additional layer of credibility.

Monitoring Tools

We employ WAF to monitor and improve the response time and damage control in the event of a breach to block it.

Malware Scan

We scan infected admin's computer for malware as they spread through text editors & FTP clients to hack websites.

Ransomware Protection

We help you focus on your business with our guarantee of immunity from DDOS attacks & website hostage crisis.