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The Small Business Website Checklist

A high-quality, well-functioning website is an absolute must in today’s business world. It can market your company, draw in new leads and, in most cases, bring in more sales and revenues in the long term.

And for small businesses, it’s even more crucial.

With a limited budget and not much cash for marketing and advertising, small businesses must capitalize on every opportunity they can to increase exposure and improve their brand’s visibility.

Your business website should be the most reliable source of information for consumers. If in doubt or looking to find more information, consumers will check your website. Use this handy checklist to ensure your website has everything local consumers expect to find.

Address and Directions

Make it easy for your website visitors to find your address and directions. Add or link to a map with directions and include parking information or tips.

Hours of Operation

Don’t hide your hours of operation. It’s best not to risk customers coming to your business to find closed doors. 42% of consumers say not finding hours leaves a negative impression.

Phone Number

Your phone number must be front and center on your website. More than 50% of consumers will view your site right from their phone! If you accept text messaging, be sure to mention this. Younger consumers prefer text messaging over a phone call.

Email Address or Contact Form

Provide your email address for the folks who prefer sending emails over making phone calls or writing public posts. Consider adding a contact form to prevent getting spam emails – they are easy to set up.

Product or Service Info

42% of consumers say they visit the website of a small business to find product and service info. Describe your business, what you’re offering, and how your business is unique. Think of your website as your online storefront. Make it easy for visitors to understand what your business is all about.


If you run a restaurant or eatery, post a menu on your website. Consumers don’t want to go to any extra effort to find the content they’re used to seeing on your competitors’ websites. And today it’s easier than ever to add your menu to your website, or to simply add a link to a third-party site that hosts your menu.


Since pictures speak louder than words, photos of your business are crucial to winning customers. Photos convey the atmosphere of your business and give browsing consumers an idea of what to expect. In fact, 27% of consumers say they will not consider a business if they cannot find photos or a video on the website. Add 4-5 key images showing your place of business, products and services, happy and satisfied customers, and staff working with customers.

About Us Page

Tell your story! An “About Us” page is your chance to tell consumers why you went into business, and why you love what you do. Your story and personal connection to your business sets you apart from big box stores and chains.

Links to Social Pages

Most of the activity for your business probably lives on your social pages. Adding links to your social pages lets your website visitors dig even deeper and get the level of comfort necessary to becoming new customers.

Qualifications and Awards

Important qualifications, accreditations, certifications, memberships or awards help build confidence and trust in your business. Don’t be shy, and include these on your website to turn visitors into customers. You have worked hard to earn them! These are unbiased and help build confidence and trust in your business.


If you run a service-based business, be sure to add testimonials to your site. Consumers love to read stories from other people. Plus, testimonials confirm whether the business or service will meet their needs.

Booking and Ordering

Provide consumers the convenience of booking or ordering online! Let consumers book appointments or make reservations whenever it’s best for them. In fact, over a third of consumers prefer to book appointments in off-hours. If you run a restaurant, consider adding online ordering to let customers place orders without being put on hold.

Positive Customer Reviews

Take pride in your good reviews from sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook and put them on display on your website! Positive reviews prove to potential customers that you run a great business.

Finally, remember to keep your site updated. Consumers lose confidence and interest when visiting a site with outdated information.


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